Consulting Session with Heather
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Consulting Session with Heather

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This listing is for one 1 hour virtual business consulting session with founder & CEO of Freehand Market, Heather.

Heather has worked in, founded and consulted with both service and product based businesses and consults on a range of topics, including but not limited to:

+ How to wholesale (get your products into stores!)

+ Branding and web design (find your dream customer and get in front of them!)

+ Marketing strategy (crafting a unique blend of marketing channels for your business!)

+ Opening a brick & mortar store (there is a LOT to know!)

+ Business plans & revenue streams (how to focus, uncover your next steps, and make more money!)

+ Systems and organizing all the lists and projects to save you time and allow your brain to settle on what really needs to be done (Heather's specialty!)

Sometimes, you just need to chat with someone who has been there and done it, or you need a second set of eyes on something. Trust me, we can get a LOT covered in one hour!

A session with Heather might be right for you if:

+ Feel like your brain (and/or your internet browser) has too many tabs open all the time.

+ Know that you could make more money if you could just find the time to implement all the ideas you have.

+ Have a hard time prioritizing your tasks and projects - you don’t know what will make the most impact.

+ Like to balance your intuition with data when planning in your business. Sometimes you just have to go with your gut.

+ Are in your first 0-3 years in business, or are starting a brand new project

+  Are a solo-preneur or run team of 5 people or less in your business.

After purchasing this session, you'll hear from Heather within 2 business days to get your session scheduled and take the next steps!