Eco Acetate Slim Hair Clip 2 Pack- "Unicorn"
Fenna & Fei

Eco Acetate Slim Hair Clip 2 Pack- "Unicorn"

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Effortless elegance and an amazing stay-put hold! 

Alligator style gold plated stainless steel

Size 10mm by 80mm

Committed to sustainable fashion, Fenna&Fei creates biodegradable and non-petroleum based jewelry and accessories. All of their pieces are made from ethically sourced cellulose acetate from both Italy and China. 

Cellulose acetate is made by combining 100% acetic acid and cotton pulp. Acetate is first made into tiny white pellets which are melted down to form a paste. This paste is dyed using many different kinds of powders including shell for a pearl effect. Each piece is designed and finished in Boise, Idaho.