Heart Hugs Tincture

Heart Hugs Tincture

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We need strong, supported, warmly hugged hearts to do what the world is asking of us right now. These plant allies are here to help us rise, to help us tend, to help us mend, to help us keep going.

Hot tip - this one is great for those on the front lines - heath care workers, protestors, social workers and the like AND a couple dropperfuls in seltzer is truly delicious.

This formula is intentionally crafted with the following plants to benefit our hearts and our ability to adapt to our surroundings.

Holy Basil - A traditional gentle adaptogen beloved for promoting clarity of mind and easing anxiety. This tincture adds the spice to ignite our heart fire. 

Rose - An ancient revered flower for essential heart medicine. Rose softens, uplifts and is antiinflammatory. The rose tincture is made with a bit of glycerite, adding sweetness and fullness. 

Hawthorn Berries - Strengthen both the physical (capillaries and veins) and emotional (grief work, open to love) heart. These berries were stir fried in red wine and honey and then tinctured, a traditional chinese medicine methodology. It gives them a nuanced full taste and enhanced extraction. 

Astragalus - Because our immune systems quickly get depleted when we are doing deep emotional work, this immune tonic is added to the mix. The root also happens to work on our physical heart as well! 

Organic alcohol and well water

The taste is warming, slightly spiced, sweet, and ends on a light floral note.