Panic Pass Me By Tincture

Panic Pass Me By Tincture

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Those that have been there know the feeling well, unfortunately. Heart racing, mind unable to see past the door and gloom of the current moment, lungs incapable of taking a full nourishing breath and you feel you may never breathe properly again. This tincture is for you. We may think the panic will last but it won’t and here is one of many tools you can have in your toolkit to help that panic pass.

Motherwort - to slow that rapid heart beat, to settle a nervous heart

Passionflower - to help the thoughts stop their racing

Blue Vervain - relax the nervous system in acute anxiety and anchor energy downward

Yarrow (create an energetic boundary), spirit dose

Burdock (ground, center, allow us to explore the uncertainty safely), spirit dose

Wood Betony (relieve anxiety and calm stomach or headache potentially associated with panic), spirit dose

2-3 dropperfuls in mouth or water at onset of panic, again 20 minutes later if needed


Testimoial: “panic pass me by has become my go to for when i feel overwhelmed at work. a couple droppers in some water and i almost immediately start to feel more calm. this was a bit unexpected for me to feel the calm so quickly!” - D