Fall 2022 PREORDER: Stained Glass Plant Propagation Station
Fall 2022 PREORDER: Stained Glass Plant Propagation Station
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Fall 2022 PREORDER: Stained Glass Plant Propagation Station

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This listing is for a pre-order for one sunburst stained glass plant propagation station handmade by founder of Freehand Market, Heather, just for you! Propagation stations allow you to insert a plant cutting into the test tube vase with water to root in front of a beautiful piece of window art. A perfect holiday gift for the plant lover or art collector in your life!

The art of stained glass is complex and unique - each piece requires many steps and is one of a kind based on the glass used. Note that stained glass does use lead for the solder and frame - this poses virtually no risk to you in its finished form, just don't lick, melt, or file it!

Choose from 3 colorways: warm colors (yellow, orange, pink, warm purple), cool colors (blue, green, aqua, cool purple), or rainbow colors (ROYGBIV from top to bottom).

We have also decided to use sliding scale pricing on this offering to make these pieces more accessible. The suggested retail price is $111 for these pieces, and you'll have a choice of $77 (for folks who don't have the resources to pay $111), the suggested price of $111 (calculated based on time and materials), or $144 (if you have extra resources, and can defer the cost for someone who has less -- thank you!). We invite you to choose the price that is right for you in this season!

Propagation stations ordered by September 30th will be ready for pickup at Freehand Market the anytime after November 14th, 2022. These will not be shipped due to their fragile nature - pickup only! 

**The photos show two different versions of this pattern, and your final propagation station will vary slightly because the design has been modified to fit a larger test tube vase so you can propagate larger plant cuttings - the first photo (warm colors) is the newer pattern variation! Finished size is approx. 6 inches wide by 10 inches tall.