Matches Large Vial with Striker Pad
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Matches Large Vial with Striker Pad

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Choose from natural wood in the color tip of your choice. These will add that extra touch to your decor and can also make a great addition to a gift box for a friend or loved one.

Our match bottles and vials are individually filled with the wooden match color of your choice. Products are finished with a cork or cap seal and an adhesive match striker.

■ Glass vial with 20 wooden matches 
■ Adhesive phosphorous match striker sticker on bottom of glass vial
■ Wooden matches are for single use. Strike on bottom.
■ Great to add in with a candle to create a gift package or as a wedding or party favor

Strike a Match Safely:

Remove a match from the vial/bottle. Close the vial/bottle with cork or cap. Hold the match with your dominant hand. Swiftly strike the head of the match on the phosphorous match striker and away from your body. These fancy matches are for single use. They are not strike anywhere wooden matches. Please dispose of properly after the flame has gone out.