Mint Garden Jar - Hydroponic Grow Kit
Mint Garden Jar - Hydroponic Grow Kit
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Mint Garden Jar - Hydroponic Grow Kit

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Black thumbs be gone. Our self-watering herb kit that features a mason jar outfitted with a passive hydroponic system known as “wicking,” which brings water and nutrients up to the plant's roots. So whether you forget to water, overwater, or both, we’ve got you covered. This year-round indoor planter comes equipped with everything you’ll need to start growing, just add water and set in a sunny window. 



How long does it take to grow?
Mint seeds take 7-14 days to sprout, and will be ready to start harvesting in 3+ months. Continuous harvesting will encourage a bushy plant and greater yield.
How long will it last?
A mint plant will continue to grow with sufficient nutrients and light. Plants can be continuously harvested for 6+ months. If flowers appear pick them to prevent the plant from going to seed.
How much sun will it need?
Herbs require at least 6 hours of direct light daily, and should be put in an unobstructed window that faces south, west or east (southwest is the best option). During winter months—or if you don’t have an unobstructed window—you can supplement with a grow light.
Can I put it outside?
Garden Jars are designed for indoor use, but can be put outside. Be mindful that the planter does not have a drain hole, and if the reservoir floods it may drown the roots. Bring your Garden Jar inside if temps dip below 55⁰ or above 80⁰.
How is it reusable?
The stainless steel net pot and recycled glass grow medium can both be reused—simply rinse with hot water. Add new seeds and use soil or coco pith to help seeds germinate. Use a water soluble fertilizer and follow its instructions.
Is there a setup video?
Our setup videos can be found here:
Instruction Manual
Our instruction manuals can be found here: