Peace Crystal Grid Kit - Almanac Supply Co -Freehand Market
Peace Crystal Grid Kit - Almanac Supply Co -Freehand Market
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Peace Crystal Grid Kit

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Relax and restore with this handpicked crystal grid kit. Perfect for uplifting dark moods and bringing balance to your mind, use this Celestite and Quartz crystal grid kit to summon gentle and wise energies. Clear your mind and shed your fears and anxieties while refocusing on your goals.

Gain clarity around your intention as you place each stone and amplify it with the quartz crystal energy.

Kit includes:
- 7 Celestite chunks
- 12 small Clear Quartz crystal points
- 100 Clear Quartz matchsticks
- in a drawstring bag

As every stone is different by natural variation, the crystals included may vary in color, size, and shape.