Refillable Vessel Candle: Batch 9:22
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Refillable Vessel Candle: Batch 9:22

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You are walking the rows of apple trees in the orchard, filling a basket to take home so you can bake your favorite apple crisp. You are sipping on a hot apple cider too. Yep, we put that into a candle. Thick scents of Apple, Cinnamon, + Cider blended with Juniper to give you that perfect touch of fall fading into winter.


Top: Cinnamon, Clove, Ozone

Middle: Apple, Almond, Red Currant

Base: Pie Crust, Vanilla, Juniper

Refillable Candle 

Made in NC 

Each candle has been hand poured with a pure intentional thought on how to be the most eco friendly, using 100% premium soy wax blend, non-toxic ingredients, and encouraged refill capability.


Purchase the original candle in box for $42

Bring the empty candle base back to the shop, and refill for $24.