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Wildwood Meadow

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A creative practice--whether it involves writing, stitching, drawing, knitting, painting, carving, making music, crafting, cooking, crocheting, singing, meditating, sculpting, or dancing--connects us more deeply to ourselves. To joy. To the gratifications of learning.

Light this candle when you’re feeling inspired and allow its glow to envelop you in the flame of creativity. Or light it when you need inspiration and allow the gentle flicker to enliven your senses.

In addition to its calming flicker and unique aroma, you’ll also find a brief message of encouragement inside the candle’s lid meant to inspire you.

Fragrance Notes

Top: bergamot, moss
Middle: red cedar, lavender, palmarosa
Base: patchouli, earth, clary sage

Size and Enjoyment Time

  • 7.2 oz. net weight and approximately 30 hours of enjoyment time
  • Glass jar with gold lid measures 2-⅞” wide by 3-½” tall
  • The classic candle is well-suited for use in a bedroom or home office; use more than one classic candle to fragrance larger spaces if you prefer.


  • American-grown soy wax
  • Phthalate-free fragrance and essential oils
  • Cotton and paper wick that’s lead- and zinc-free