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We make it easy (and fun!) to cast a vote with your hard-earned moolah for the kind of world you want to see. Pat yourself on the back for doing good while you shop 😉 Here's how:


Almost all of our products are handmade! This means that some component or the entire product was created by a person, not a machine. We value handcrafts for the beauty and uniqueness that only real people can create! The time and energy that goes into handmade products makes them special.

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Almost all of our products are made by businesses that self-identify as woman-owned. We carry several product lines from husband and wife teams, which we consider woman-owned as well, since they own at least half! Supporting woman-owned businesses helps our communities thrive.

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Many of the brands that we carry in the shop donate some portion of proceeds to charity, from environmental causes to kids' lunch programs to refugee resettlement. We mark those brands as "charitable" so you know your purchase goes towards a great cause!

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low/zero waste

This is a broad category that encompasses many products in the shop! We look for products that are plastic-free and use alternative materials, like recycled paper, no packaging, or a closed loop process to reduce waste.

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This is a special value that applies to products we have available for refill on our Bulk Bar! The Bulk Bar allows you to bring back the container when you are finished, or bring your own container to get per ounce pricing and cut down on waste!

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all natural

We are very conscious of the ingredients in products we put on our skin or burn in our homes. This value applies to products that have no synthetic ingredients or known carcinogens or endocrine disrupters! We do the research on icky ingredients so you don't have to.

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locally made

Three cheers for shopping local! We love our North Carolina based makers, and always have a preference for stocking local products when possible. At any time, about half of the products on our shelves are from makers who are local to NC, with some being right up the road in Saxapahaw!

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our team

  • Heather

    Founder + CEO


    Astrology: Cancer Sun, Pisces Moon, Gemini Rising

    Human Design: 6/2 Projector

    Fave Freehand Product: "I use the honeysuckle facial toner, dish block, eyebrow wax, hand soap: orange vanilla, deodorant cream: activated charcoal, and poppy & pout lip balm: wild honey everyday!"

  • Carey

    Shop Manager + Events Coordinator


    Astrology: Cancer Sun/Leo Rising/Libra Moon

    Human Design: 5/1 Manifesting Generator

    Fave Freehand Product: "I have a few, but my number 1 is the Rosehip Chia Face Oil by Meow Meow Tweet! It is incredibly soothing, moisturizing and works with my skin in every season."

  • MK



    Astrology: Gemini Sun, Libra Moon, Libra Rising

    Human Design: 2/4 Manifesting Generator

    Fave Freehand Product: "The incense sticks by Sea Witch Botanicals. They smell amazing and always make our home feel cozy."